We are excited and proud to announce that we are the first equine water treadmill with an incline available for use by the public in Ireland

The IERFC is a Bespoke purpose built state of the art rehabilitation and fitness centre in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. As we open the first equine water treadmill with optional incline open to the public in Ireland, we hope to revolutionise Irish equine rehabilitation.


Our goal is to provide care to the highest standards and give our tranquil setting as the ideal place for your horse to relax and recover. Our top class care is specialised for horses that require rehabilitation, convalescent care or fitness work. 


To ensure every need of your horse is met with excellent care and facilities, we work alongside a team of excellent vets, chiropractor, dentist and farrier as we aim to help aid recovery and maintain soundness and fitness.

  • Full rehabilitation service designed to cater for horses requiring:

    • A treatment program tailored for your horses specific needs

    • A preventative measure to increase and maintain fitness whilst reducing risk of mechanical trauma to joints and soft tissue throughout the competitive season

  • Care for horses needing;

    •  Box rest and recuperation

    • Post-operative care

    • Fitness programmes

  • Catering for both visiting day patients as well as providing short and long term residential services.

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About Aquatic Rehabilitation

Aquatic rehabilitation has long been recognised as having beneficial effects. It is a safe and effective treatment option for managing primary musculoskeletal injuries whilst reducing or limiting harmful compensatory gait abnormalities.


Excersing in water provides an effective medium for increasing joint mobility, promoting normal patterns of movement, whist reducing the risk of developing secondary compensatory musculoskeletal injuries caused by primary conditions.


The enhancement in muscle strength and function whilst decreasing stress and loading of the joints can significantly improve balance, poor motor control and discomfort typically found in horses with osteoarthritic changes.

The ECB water treadmill can also offer power and endurance training without the influence of the rider and is therefore a very effective tool in both maintaining and increasing fitness and performance

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