The ECB Aqua treadmill is the first of its type in Ireland.

  • Aqua training is a power and endurance training, without the weight of the rider.

  • The ECB trains specific muscle groups.

  • By moving in the water, horses are getting power training without the high pressure on their tendons and skeleton.

  • By moving against the pressure of the water, horses start automatically using more of their back muscles and rear part muscles which gives them a stronger top line, more balance and coordination in all movements.

  • Muscle groups will be evenly trained and balanced.

  • Their mind is fresh, the body is loose and their walking position is straight.

  • ECB water trainer is a unique supplement to the daily training and rehabilitation for sport horses of all kinds

 What Can You Achieve? 

The ECB Water Treadmill may help to:

  • Reduce mechanical stresses applied to the limbs
  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Improve  muscle strength

  • Increase cardiovascular endurance

  • Promote circulation and reduce edema

  • Restore sensory and motor distrubances

  • Maintain athletic performance

  • Improve motor control and joint stability

  • Improve stride length

Who may benefit from the ECB Water Treadmill:

  • Horses recovering from traumatic or repetitive injuries

  • Horses who have developed inhibiting  or painful compensatory patterns of movement

  • Older animals who may have developed painful arthritic changes in their joints

  • Horses requiring an increase and/or maintenance in their athletic performance


 State of the Art Stabling 

  • Indoor American style barn.

  • Bright and well ventilated. 

  • Purpose built rubber matted 12 x 14ft stables 

  • Horses are able to be turned out into our Arena


 Treatment Room 

  • A private space for clients and specialists to use while their horse is being treated.

  • Horses are treated in this very well lit room with a rubber matted floor, good ventilation and plenty of space for treatment.

  • The room provides a safe and clean environment for the Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Remedial Farriers and Veterinarians to work.



  • Improve muscle suppleness before exercise, reducing the risk of injury​

  • Help improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism​

  • Heat therapy assists recovery to certain injuries

  • Help reduce stiffness after workout and promotes relaxation and recovery​

  • Improve general health and well-being of your horse and pony​

  • Infra-red bulbs heat penetration is a great source of Vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin  and muscle development. Vitamin D is absorbed through exposure from sunshine and is often quite lacking, especially during the winter months.

  • Reduces the risk of a cold/stiff back


 Dr. Graeme Massager 

  • The Dr Graeme Massager is a powerful hand held machine designed to be used for a variety of tasks from relaxation massage through to specific deep muscle work.

  • Rapid and rhythmic penetration relaxes the superficial muscles and releases chronic tension in the deeper muscles.

  • The vibration effect contracts and dilates tissue improving blood and lymph circulation and can be targeted on trigger points.

  • Can help strengthen muscles and induce muscle tone by stimulating the nervous system without agitation.

  • Horses can be massaged regularly for maximum muscle performance.


 Automotive Carpet Gallop Sand Area 

  • Sand and Fibre 25m x 40m arena

  • Automotive fibre is frost resistant and proven durable

  • Will not absorb excessive rain or moisture

  • Extreme cushioning for the horses

  • Will endure even the harshest of weathers

  • This surface gives us the best chance of all year round use and cushioning on joints for rehabilitation


 Vitafloor Vibration Plate 

Vitafloor ® vibrating floor systems are a safe and easy way to give a horse both a versatile physical training and a massage in one go. The result is a notable improvement in blood circulation throughout the body, not just in the legs, but even in the upper body and organs. This helps ensure better health and injury prevention, as well as accelerating the healing process for injuries, and helping in colic prevention. Vitafloor ® vibrating floor systems was specifically invented for horses, and uses the same well established physical and technological principles of whole body training (WBV) as are used for training astronauts to stimulate the development of bone density and muscle tone. The human version is adopted world-wide as an accepted means of raising overall fitness and the combustion of fat. Because it stimulates the blood circulation without the horse having to move, this makes it also a very effective therapy also for horses that are off work or on box rest.


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