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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We have all been keeping busy here at IERFC during lockdown and now restrictions have been lifted it is great to finally get horses back using the water treadmill and spa!

I have been painting, sorting out paperwork, cleaning, studying and recently been treating some new client’s horses with equine sports massage!

Most recently I have also been studying Canine massage & rehabilitation and have now started studying human sports massage.

Hopefully through this blog we can share some useful and interesting information with you all on muscle anatomy, equine physiology, equine rehab programmes and all the news and updates here at IERFC.

I have recently taken a lot of interest in ‘Thirza Hendriks’ website ‘Classical Horse Training’. There is online seminars on muscle anatomy and physiology which I find very interesting and myself and Amy hope to take part in one of the live horse dissections to learn more, we are always aiming to learn more each day about horses!

Two great quotes’ shared on one of Thirza’s seminars was;

I know that I know nothing’

(Socrates quote)


Simplicity is the greatest of knowledge but simplicity without knowledge is the greatest cause of equine injuries’

(cornille 2012)

So even with all our training and experience we are constantly learning more each day, about each individual horse.

Hopefully, Amy and I can share some of our own experiences and knowledge, along with what we learn new about these amazing animals we all love so much!

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