UTC Scanner- @IERFC

Recent tendon injury scanned with UTC scanner.

The result's show a significant improvement after an 8 week rehab programme including; remedial shoeing, water treadmill, spa and cryotherapy.

Ridden work was also introduced.

The second scan was also took after his first few canters on the gallop.

The colours on the UTC scan represent the stage of the fibres in the tendon.

Green- are normal well aligned and organized tendon fascicles.

85-90% of this echo type should be found in a healthy tendon (SDFT)

Blue- are areas of wavy or swollen tendon fascicles.

Can represent remodelling and adapting tendon or inferior repair

Red- represents fibrillar tissue.

This echo type can represent partial rupture of tendon where they reflect breakdown of normal structure.

They can also represent initial healing as the tendon begins to rebuild

information taken from Sarah Plevin (ultrasound tissue characterization)

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