Salt Therapy @ I.E.R.F.C

Does your horse or pony suffer from sweet itch?

Why not try the natural remedy of salt therapy to help?

Salt therapy neutralises the ph in the skin and so alleviates the itching caused by the allergic reaction of midge bites. This then reduces inflammation and the cycle is broken. Once the itching is reduced the horse will stop rubbing or scratching and will feel less stressed, and calmer. Once in control of the scratching the new hair re-growth is allowed to occur.

Unlike creams or washes which simply work on the effect of the sweet itch, Salt Therapy works both from the inside out by boosting the immune system and acting as preventative care and from the outside by neutralising the ph on the skin surface.

Depending on the severity of the skin issue we recommend an initial 3 x 30 minute sessions over 3 consecutive days (or within a week), and for deep set skin issues 5 consecutive days.

3 or 5 day livery packages are available or you can use the facility as a drive in client. (depending on the severity further sessions may be required, followed by top-up sessions throughout the year.)

We have found the improved circulation and neutralising of the ph within the skin added to a boost of the immune system leads to healthy skin and a glossy coat.

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